Cottages West Coast - Weekend i Bohuslän

Where nature is at its most beautiful and seafood at its tastiest
Rent accommodation

Weekend and long weekend

Many of our houses / cottages can be rented over a long weekend / weekend.
We have houses / cottages with JACUZZI, with SAUNA or maybe you want to live CENTRALLY.
Listen to us, we will help you find just your favorite spot.

Long term rental

Do you lack housing for a longer period? Can you imagine living furnished? Then we have several houses / cottages that can be rented during autumn / winter & spring, with market rents. Contact us and we will tell you more.

Things to do at Tjörn and Orust

There are a lot of things to see and do on the islands. Both Tjörn and Orust also have several surrounding smaller islands that you can go to by ferry.

Rent a cottage and rent out a cottage

Kobbar & Skär Stugförmedling specializes in mediating cottages and houses on Orust and Tjörn. We primarily arrange holiday cottages, but many of the tenants also want to rent at other times of the year.

We take care of the entire rental, as you yourself do not have the opportunity or are on vacation. Since we are a small cottage agency, we can often tailor to the needs of the cottage and homeowner.

Note, minimum 2-3 nights, usually the price is the same.


Communities at Orust & Tjörn – explore picturesque fishing communities & cozy villages

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

We have collected the most common questions we receive. If there is anything else you are wondering about that we do not address here, you can contact us.

Do you want to rent a cottage?

Do you want to earn extra money on your cottage / house that you do not use that much?

We help you rent out your house / cottage when you are lying in the hammock in someone else’s cottage, checked in at a hotel or hiking in the mountains?

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