General conditions 2021-2022

1. Leases

When booking, the tenant enters into a binding agreement with Kobbar & Skär, as an intermediary. The agreement applies between you as a tenant and the cottage owner. Kobbar & Skär are only intermediaries and are thus responsible only as such.

2. The reservation

The booking is made by accepting the booking request and sending out a booking confirmation

3. Cancellation

Right of withdrawal
Normally, as a consumer, you have a 14-day right of withdrawal when you buy something remotely, but there is an exception in the law; purchase of travel and hotel stays.

The exception applies to all types of travel, for example. air, train and charter travel, as well as hotel stays and holiday accommodation such as renting a campsite or cottage.
You can read more via the link Law (2005: 59) on distance contracts and contracts outside business premises or on the Consumer Agency’s website section “When the right of withdrawal does not apply”.
The conditions can look different depending on the company.
The following applies when you book with us:

If canceled 70 days or more before the date of check-in, 50% of the booking fee / advance payment will be refunded and the property will be available for rent again. If cancellation occurs less than 70 days before the date of check-in, 0% of the paid booking fee / advance payment will be refunded and the property will be available for rent again.

4. Deposit

In some cottages, a security deposit must be provided as security. Sometimes Kobbar & Skär handles the deposit and then Kobbar & Skär pays it back after you have left the cottage and it has been approved or you leave the deposit directly to the cottage owner on arrival and get it back from the cottage owner when you leave the cottage and it is approved by the owner.
Check in your booking confirmation what applies to your particular cottage.

5. Cancellation insurance

It is the responsibility of the tenant to obtain cancellation insurance.

6. Payment

The booking fee / advance payment must be paid at the time of booking. The remaining rental amount is paid no later than 35 days before the date of check-in. If any of these are not paid on time, the booking expires and then the intermediary has the right to rent to another tenant, the booking fee (advance payment) is not refunded.

In order for the booking to be valid, it is required that agreed payments, such as the booking fee, total amount or deposit, are made according to the specified latest date.
If the payment is made online with a payment / credit card via Kobbar & Skär Stugförmedling AB’s website, you guarantee that the card used is your own and that there is / will be coverage for the payments / reservations that will be made according to agreement e.g. in the event of a deposit reserved on the card a few days before arrival, you further guarantee that the card’s validity period extends to at least one month after the check-out date.
If any / some of the payments are not paid as agreed or cannot be made e.g. reservation that can not be carried out, that there is not enough money or for some other reason the booking is due and access to the rental object may be stopped.

7. Renting time

Unless otherwise agreed, check in is from kl. 16:00 on the first day of the rental period and check-out by 10:00 on the last rental day. (Low season / weekend it might be other check-in and check-out times)

8. The Cottages

The cottages / houses, provided by Kobbar & Skär Stugförmedling AB, are usually private and it may be that in some cottages there are private things in cabinets and drawers. They are usually marked as private. All pictures are not always accurate with our pictures because the owners may have renovated, replaced furniture or something else. However, it must always be equivalent or for the better.

9. At arrival

Identification may be required upon arrival.

10. Departure

The tenant is responsible for leaving the house / cottage in the same cleaned condition as you got the cottage in. A few cottages / houses have final cleaning included in the price, checklist for what is included in the final cleaning is included in the welcome email / is in the cottage.

Checklist for what must be cleaned regardless of whether cleaning is included or not included in the welcome email / is in the cottage, check what is included in your booking.
Any damage caused by the tenant must be paid by the tenant. If the cleaning is deficient, costs for this will be deducted from the deposit.

11. Force majeure

If Kobbar & Skär Stugförmedling AB and / or the Homeowner is prevented or substantially limited in the performance of their obligations under the Agreement due to force majeure and / or other extraordinary events or circumstances, including but not limited to wars, natural disasters, emissions disasters, droughts, other extraordinary weather conditions, epidemics, pandemics, quarantines, closure of borders or geographical areas, food shortages and / or rationing, traffic conditions, currency trading interruptions, strikes, lockouts, and whether any of these force majeure events and / or other extraordinary events or circumstances were foreseeable at the time of booking.

Kobbar & Skär Stugförmedling AB and / or the Homeowner have the right to terminate the agreement without Kobbar & Skär Stugförmedling AB neither
or the homeowner shall be liable for not having fulfilled its obligations under the agreement.

You also agree that Kobbar & Skär Stugförmedling AB has the right to retain the payments made to Kobbar & Skär Stugförmedling AB by you if force majeure and / or extraordinary events or circumstances exist.

12. Reclamation

Complaints about poorly cleaned cottage / dissatisfaction on arrival must be reported to Kobbar & Skär Stugförmedling / property owners no later than the day of check-in! Kobbar & Skär or the property owner then have the opportunity to fix the problem.

If no remarks are received on the day of check-in, you will approve the cottage in its existing condition.

Complaints regarding damage or deficiencies must be notified as soon as possible and no later than 48 hours from the start of the rental period or at the time when it was discovered. They must be reported to the Homeowner or Kobbar & Skär Stugförmedling.
In the event of a complaint, the tenant must give Kobbar & Skär Stugförmedling a reasonable time limit to repair or repair any damage. If departure takes place from the holiday home before the agreed check-out date, without notifying Kobbar och Skär or the property owner, the tenant risks not being able to terminate the agreement in the event of serious deficiencies or to demand compensation or a price reduction. It is then considered that the tenant himself has made it impossible to remedy or repair the possible damage.

Kobbar & Skär Stugförmedling reserves the right to move the tenant to another holiday home of corresponding price and quality. If, in the tenant’s opinion, the complaint made has not been resolved satisfactorily during the rental period, it must be sent in writing to Kobbar & Skär Stugförmedling no later than 14 days after the date of check-out. Written complaints must be sent to: Kobbar & Skär Stugförmedling AB, Tyfta 560, SE 473 94 Henån or by email to [email protected] Any liability for damages only covers direct financial damage. For indirect damages (consequential damages) or damages of a non-financial nature (non-pecuniary damage), Kobbar & Skär Stugförmedling or the Homeowner can not be held responsible for.

If Kobbar och Skär Stugförmedling offers to remedy the deficiency, the guest cannot invoke the deficiency if the remedy takes place within a reasonable time. Remediation may also take place through a relocation to another equivalent cottage.

If the guest does not inform Kobbar & Skär Stugförmedling about deficiencies, he does not have the right to terminate the agreement or demand compensation for this.

13.Garden with flowers, fruits and berries

In the properties where the garden is included, the tenant is entitled to, in moderate terms, harvest berries and fruits for daily use by season and to cut flowers. However, bushes, trees and other plants may not be damaged or trimmed.

14. Number of beds and persons in the cottage

The cottage may be used by the maximum number of persons specified in the description. In some cases, upon request, additional guests may be accommodated and then with an agreed additional cost.

The person renting our cottages must be at least 25 years old the same year the rent is done. No parties may occur in the cottages.

15. Pets

Pets may only be included if the house description allows this or if it is agreed in writing in the booking confirmation and then no more than the number mentioned. The pets must not be in the furniture. Careful cleaning is required.

16. Smoking

Smoking is not allowed in the cottages. However, we can never guarantee that no one has smoked in the cottage. In case of violation, a fee of 4000 SEK will be charged.

17. Wear

Normal wear and tear is accepted, not wear and tear caused by negligent procedure.

18. Insurance

It is the responibility of the tenant to have an insurance which will cover any damages to the house, or the property of the house, which occur due to accidents or negligence during the stay. The tenant who is responsible for the rent of cottage is also responsible for leaving the cabin in the same condition as when he/she arrived to the cottage. Should something break which is of greater value than the deposit, the tenant must contact his/her insurance company.

19. Liability for injury, injury caused

Neither homeowner nor broker is responsible for the tenant’s personal property. If the tenant is responsible for damaging the property or its belongings, the tenant takes full responsibility for this.

20. Internet/Wifi

In some cabins, Wifi / internet is limited, Kobbar & Skär can not guarantee that the download / upload has / can handle a certain speed or that it can handle professional traffic.

21. Bring the following yourself

The guest is asked to bring their own bed linen, towels, kitchen towels, as well as dishwashing liquid and toilet paper as Kobbar & Skär can not guarantee that this is in the cottage.
For some cottages it is possible to rent bed linen etc., more information is available on the cottage page or as an option in the booking.

22. Party / Someone’s birthday

If you want to celebrate a party and that means that friends etc. come to visit the cottage, this must first be approved by Kobbar & Skär / Stugägaren. This is because the cottage’s drains, waste management, etc., are not made for more people than specified.

23. Caravan / Motorhome

If you have a caravan / motorhome / tent etc., you must first notify Kobbar & Skär / the cottage owner. Many of our cottages do not have the opportunity to store a motorhome / caravan / tent on the plot.

24. Law and Jurisdiction

This Agreement ( and any disputes, claims, or proceedings of any kind arising out of or in any way associated with the use of this webbsite “” and / or the booking feature offered on this website) is governed by of and shall be iterpreted in accordance with Swedich law. You herby consent to the exclicive juristiction of the Swedich courts in all disputes arising out of or relationg to the use of this site.

25. Allergysafe cabins

We have no allergy safe cabins and cannot guarantee that our cottages are allergy safe. In some cottages no pets are allowed. The owners can, however, have pets, but do not want others to have pets. Kobbar & Skär Stugförmedling AB does not take responsibility for any allergic reactions in the cottages we provide.

26. Transfer of the cottage

It is not allowed to transfer the cottage to a 3rd party. The person who booked the cottage is responsible for it during the rental period and that the cottage is left in a clean and tidy condition.

27. GDPR – what personal data we collect and why we collect them

We need to save and process personal information about you, such as

  • First & last name
  • Email address
  • Social Security Number
  • Home address
  • Account Information

The purpose of the processing of the data is to e.g. enter into an agreement with the cottage owner through Kobbar och Skär stugförmedling AB, regarding rental of holiday homes and that, where applicable, where the cottage owner needs information for
 maintain a good service provide the cottage owner with the necessary contact information, as well as to administer financial transactions.

We will receive your personal information when you submit a booking request via our website. An agreement with the property owner is made by Kobbar & Skär Stugförmedling AB.

What happens if you do not leave these personal data at point
1. The booking request is not processed.
2. No agreement can be concluded.

We apply at any time applicable privacy laws to all processing of personal data.
The legal basis for processing your personal data is to enter into an agreement with the homeowner through Kobbar & Skär Stugförmedling AB regarding rental of holiday homes.
You may at any time withdraw your consent for processing. A revocation does not affect the legality of the treatment before the consent is revoked.

We save the data to fulfill our services and fulfill our obligations to you, we save them as long as there are legal requirements or at most two years. In some cases, we share the personal information with the bank where it is required for deposits / payments.

Contact information for personal data controller

Kjell Björnemyr
Mail: [email protected]

28. Printing errors on the website and other documents

We reserve ourselves for misprints on the website or errors in text on our documents.