Rent a cottage in Flatön

– Through us you can rent cottages and houses on Flatön

Rent a house on Flatön

These three idyllic islands located at Orust northwest coast. The easiest way to get here is by car ferry from Fröjendal to Malön. There is a bridge connection between Malön and Flatön.

Flatön and Ängön are green islands with lots of forest, cliffs, small cottages and farms where there is also a small church on Flatön. At Handelman’s flink you can shop in the seafood stall, eat in the restaurant, stop at the café and in the shop you can buy an ostrich caramels or nice souvenirs.

Malön is barren and used to be no seaside resort, but rather a beautiful nature area in a quiet and undisturbed environment. On Malön there is a campsite that has a kiosk.