Fun things to do on the West Coast

Here you will find fun things to do on the West Coast. At Södra Bohuslän you will find more info about see, eat & do.

Here we list our tips and favorites on activities

Rent accommodation

Locally produced

At Orust and Tjörn, there are many nice places that sell locally produced products. Buy fish & shellfish, locally produced meat, home-grown and self-produced etc.

Tips on locally produced

A Bohuslän deli – Ellös Orust – Seafood also has a lot of other goodies, a lot of ready-made food.

Moriks Fårgård – Aröd, Tjörn – Farm shop with self-produced & self-grown, also cozy café with homemade.

Tavlebods Honeys farm – Tavlebod, Orust – Fascinated by the bees’ fantastic life in a genuine rural environment. Bakery & shop.

RJ Locally producedVarekil, Orust – Wide range of meat, lamb, pork, chicken and charcuterie. Homemade sausages perfect for the grill

Lottas Bak & Form– Bleket, Tjörn – Sourdough bakery and café. Also courses in sourdough baking.

Restaurant & Café

Visit cozy restaurants on Tjörn and Orust. Have a good meal or have a coffee, here you will find many nice and cozy places with good food and good homemade coffee.

Tips on restaurants & cafes

Fröken Trulls– Ellös, Orust – Café & Restaurant & Antiques

Södra Hamnen 12 – Skärhamn, Tjörn – Familiar and nice archipelago restaurant next to the sea.

Nösunds Värdshus & Spa – Nösund, Orust – Restaurant, treatments, sea spa & experiences with the sea as the nearest neighbor.

Margaretas Kök & Skafferi– Sundsby, Tjörn – Café, restaurant, bakery & farm shop.

Töllås sheep farm – Töllås, Orust – A cup of coffee or tea with the farm’s home-baked. Good pizza buns, Wiener sausage plate and different kinds of pies are also served.

Grindebacken Strandhak – Gullholmen, Orust – Restaurant and Shop

Stockens Restaurang & Rökeri – Stocken, Orust – Restaurant and smokehouse at Stocken Camping


To do

There is a lot to do on the islands. Rent a kayak, go to any of the available bathing spots, rent a boat, treat yourself to a day at the spa, hike, bike and much more.

Tips on things to do

West Coast – Sail one day with beautiful West Coast which is three masts and with eleven sails.

Hiking trails on Tjörn – Put on your most beautiful shoes and clothes according to the weather and go on a hike on beautiful Tjörn.

Bicycle paths at Tjörn – Go on a bicycle sightseeing. Cycling among shops, sights and beautiful places.

Hiking trails on Orust– Embark on a hike on Orust, here you can hike for a long time in different environments.

Rent a kayak at Tjörn – At Myggenäs Marin you can rent a kayak.

Rent a boat with an engine – At Sjömacken in Mollösund you can rent a boat with an engine.

Boat experiences at Tjörn & Orust– Here you will find a variety of boat experiences in Södra Bohuslän.

Golf at Tjörn and Orust – Tjörns Golf club is an 18 hole forest / park course in the middle of the island which also has a good golf restaurant. Orust has two golf clubs, Morlanda Golf Course with seaside course and Allmag’s golf course with wonderful forest courses.

Gym at Tjörn and Orust – Gymmet i Ellös, STC Henån, STC Varekil, STC Myggenäs, Kållekärrs Gym, Träningskliniken i Skärhamn, Gym Access i Rönnäng

Activities at Stocken Camping – Stocken, Orust – Rent a kayak, play mini golf, buy an ice cream or rent a bike

Rent accommodation

Arts, crafts & shops

Stroll among cozy shops and check out arts and crafts at Tjörn and Orust.

Tips on arts, crafts & shops

Pilane– Klövedal, Tjörn – Sculpture park

Nordic Watercolor Museum – Skärhamn, Tjörn – Watercolor Museum

Ålgårds Kvarn – Andenäs, Orust – Ecological sustainability, building maintenance, crafts, arts and gardens.

Mollösunsljus– Mollösund, Orust – Candle production, hand-painted etc.

Silver Wijk– Hjälteby, Tjörn – Jewelery and interior design.

Morlanda Handelsträdgård – Ellös, Orust – Handelsträdgård

Göksäter – The country store that became a department store. In 1886, the country trade was started, which has now grown into Orut’s own Ullared.

Blomsterting – Varekil, Orust – Make personalized bouquets with personal service.

Bathing places

There are many nice bathing spots on Tjörn and Orust. There are both cliffs, piers and sandy beaches.

Tips on bathing places


Gullholmen – Hermanö – Shallow beach, toilet, cafe

Edshulthall – Jensholmen – Trampoline, rocks

Ellös – Sörkilen – Disabled swimming area. Shallow beach with rocks, diving tower, trampoline, jetties, toilet, shower, café, kiosk.

Hälleviksstrand – Sand, rocks, jetty, trampoline, toilet.

Kungsviken – Rocks, jetty, sun deck, jumping tower.

Käringön – Family bath, shallow, sand, jetty, trampoline, toilet.

Mollösund – Kattevik – Sand, rocks, jetty, diving tower, toilet.

Nösund – Sand, rocks, jetty, trampoline, toilet.

Stocke – Sand, rocks, jetty, diving tower, toilet.

Svanesund – Large bathing area with several jetties & jumping tower. Large lawns to be on. Disabled and child-friendly with good parking facilities.



Höviksnäs – Låka – Grass areas, small sandy beach, cliffs, bathing jetties, diving towers, volleyball courts and toilets.

Almön – Sandy beach, jetties, diving towers and toilets.

Röra – The bathing area has a jetty, raft, rocks and toilet. Röra also has a natural shallow sandy beach that is popular with families with children.

Kyrkesund- Linneviken – The bathing area has a sandy beach, floating jetty and toilet. The bath has good parking facilities.

Lilla Askerön – Small sandy beach, bathing ridge, rocks and toilet.


Dog boarding house

At both Tjörn and Orust, there is a dog pension if you do not have the opportunity to take it on your adventure.

Tips on dog boarding

MMHund– Henån, Orust

Hos Malin – Skärhamn, Tjörn