Communities on Orust & Tjörn

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Orust is Sweden’s 4th largest island and shifts in the landscape of forest, meadows, mountains, rocks and fine picturesque fishing with several car-free islands. Orust is reached via bridges connecting Tjörn and Uddevalla. Orust has 15 000 inhabitants and in summer the figure triples.


Tjörn is the 7th biggest island in Sweden. Tjörn municipality comprises the island Tjörn and more than 1500 surrounding smaller islands, islets and skerries, many of them are uninhabited.
In the summer, the population increases from 15,000 to 45,000 people. You reach the island via Tjörnbron in the south or the Skåpesundsbron in the north.



Here, one might think that time has stopped but oh what appearances are deceptive. In the picturesque Hälleviksstrand is a wonderful café, two restaurants, a kiosk, water taxi & bathing for example.

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Mollösund is an urban area in Orust Municipality. Its a part of the summer to walk the bridgeturn and look at what is happening in the harbor where its hustle and bustle with people and boats


Gullholmen is one of the Swedish West Coast’s oldest fishing villages. A car-free summer island with restaurants, groceries, shops and lovely bath. It never gets boring.



The old part of Nösunds heyday is well preserved. Nösund is a wonderful small community that has a little of everything but above all it is a seaside idyll.

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If you want to experience a typical fishing community, one should visit Käringön. Käringön has grocery, smokehouse, fish shop, restaurants, cafes, bar, galleries, museums, craft shops etc. A whale bone were transported to the island by a summer visitor and is now standing at the dock as a portal.


These three idyllic islands located at Orust northwest coast. Its beautiful to paddle a kayak here. Flatön and Ängön are green islands with a lot of forests, cliffs, small cottages and farms. There is also a small church on Flatön.



Edshultshall is a paradise for those who like the salty ocean and want to find their own cliff for the day. If you rent cottage via us there is the possibility to rent the fresh sauna which is located alone along the rocks.

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Stocken is a very small coastal community but like the other fishing villages it is characterized by a very dense and seemingly unregulated settlements.


Slussen is a charming small community on northeastern Orust. It used to be a town with several shipyards that built sailing ships, today it’s a town with a lot of residents mixed with summer guests.


Svanesund is located by the strait between the eastern side of the island and the mainland. It is the second largest urban area on Orust, after Henån. Here you will find a large swimming area with several jetties and diving towers as well as large lawns to be on.



If you are looking for a place with beautiful scenery, proximity to the sea and simultaneously want access to amenities such as shops, restaurants, great beaches, boat rides & golf course then Ellös a good choice.


Today, almost only summer guests live in Kyrkesund. It’s located on one side of Kyrkesundet, on the other side is Härön where you can take a ferry from Kyrkesund. On Härön there is restaurant Magasinet where you can enjoy fresh fish cooked with care & love.

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Skärhamn is the island’s largest town. Here is a culture house with a library. Many shops and most of them are open all year round. Here you’ll find a grocery store, pharmacy, liquor store, boat accessory store, clothing stores, electronics store, fish and seafood store etc.

Cozy & lovely places on Tjörn and Orust

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