Good to know when you rent a cabin

Important information for the final cleaning to apply
The cleaning company is not responsible for:

  • Garbage / leftover food / glasses / jars / bottles. Everything must be sorted and left in
    the rubbish / compost and / or ordinary containers at the recycling center.
  • All dishes must be washed and / or picked up in the dishwasher and it must be loaded that way
    the cleaning company can pick out the dishwasher.
  • All furniture / blankets / pillows must be returned to their original place
  • Fridge / freezer must be removed.
  • The grill must be emptied and cleaned.

If this is not followed, all / parts of the deposit will be taken. This is to pay those who clean for the extra time they require to restore until the next guest arrives.

The cleaning company’s responsibility:

  • dust dry all rooms
  • shake duvets & pillows in all bedrooms
  • clean toilets and bathrooms
  • shake carpets
  • clean kitchen, fridge / freezer, inside cupboards / drawers
  • wipe all surfaces
  • vacuum sofas and floors
  • wet dry all floors m.m.